Jonathan Wilde


Hi, I'm Jonathan. I make data privacy attainable, practical, and valuable for fast-moving companies, large and small.

19 years ago, I bought my first domain name and started tinkering with the web.

Today, I'm Clubhouse's privacy engineer. Previously, I spent 6 years at Meta, where I founded and led their Privacy Control Infra team, led deployment of a UN Human Rights Council recommendation for the 2017 Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar, and worked on products to support people through difficult life moments.

I went to college at Tufts (BSCS) and HKU (exchange). Outside of class, I designed for Nomic, coded for Mozilla and Instagram, taught 40,000+ students via Codecademy, and built a 30-person, 6-language volunteer news organization in a week. In high school, I won international contests by Google and Bugzilla, and got lampooned for it by Jay Leno.

I'm just getting started, and always excited to talk on email or get coffee on Zoom. 🙌