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Engineer thinking and tweeting about software, networks, and cities. Loves Caltrain more than Joe Biden loves Amtrak.

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Gossamer Sprint Two, Day Three

05 July 2015

You can now push restartless code changes to your browser over WebSockets.

Gossamer Sprint Two, Days One and Two

04 July 2015

You can tinker with your web browser from the GitHub web interface, if you want.

A Project Called Gossamer

02 July 2015

New tooling to streamline web browser development.

Shipping Prototypes at Hackathons

08 October 2013

Learning how to share a vision with that inevitably awful first draft.

Real-Time App Deployment with Dropbox

20 November 2012

Keeping early-stage Metro Firefox builds synced between devices last summer at my Mozilla internship.

The 2007 Google Highly Open Participation Contest

14 July 2008

After the 2007 Google Highly Open Participation Contest, I had the opportunity to go to an awards ceremony at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Here's a recap of the awards ceremony weekend.