My Name Is

Jonathan Wilde

I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area. Purveyor of shiny web products.


Tim Berners-Lee at Tufts

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, lectured about the creation of the web and his vision for the future of it at Tufts University on April 1.

02 April 2013

Real-Time App Deployment with Dropbox

How I kept early-stage Metro Firefox builds synced between devices last summer at Mozilla.

20 November 2012

Solving Ubuntu 9.04's PIL Problems

I was having issues with PIL not being recognized on my Ubuntu machine. Here's my workaround for installing it.

13 July 2009


Feed Stats

FeedBurner, beau­tifully in­tegrated into Word­Press. Su­pports i18n. Trans­lated by a vol­unteer into German.

2008 - 2010.


Online quizzes, made simple. For Google App Engine. Origin­ally for Spartan Ro­botics.

Since 2007. Open-source since July 2010.


Hello there!

Over a decade ago, I bought my first domain name and started tinkering with the web. Since then, I've designed for Nomic and coded for Mozilla, won international contests run by Google and the Bugzilla project, and shared a bit of the web craft with 40,000+ students at Codecademy.

I currently study at the Tufts School of Engineering in Medford, MA, majoring in computer science and minoring in communications and media studies. On the side, I develop an interactive workbook platform at Tufts CEEO and contribute to InnCrisis.

To get in touch, @mention me on Twitter. To provide feedback about a project of mine, please file an issue on Github.