Gossamer Sprint Two, Day Three

05 July 2015

Restartless web browser updates over WebSockets.

Gossamer Sprint Two, Days One and Two

04 July 2015

Tinker with a web browser from the GitHub web interface, if you want.

A Project Called Gossamer

02 July 2015

New tooling to streamline web browser development.

Shipping Prototypes at Hackathons

08 October 2013

Learning how to share a vision with that inevitably awful first draft.

Tim Berners-Lee at Tufts

02 April 2013

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, lectured about the creation of the web and his vision for the future of it at Tufts University on April 1.

Real-Time App Deployment with Dropbox

20 November 2012

Keeping early-stage Metro Firefox builds synced between devices last summer at my Mozilla internship.

Solving Ubuntu 9.04's PIL Problems

13 July 2009

I was having issues with PIL not being recognized on my Ubuntu machine. Here's my workaround for installing it.

The EeePC 900 (Linux) Partition Table

06 January 2009

The default partitions on the EeePC 900 are a bit odd. I put together a couple of reference tables that explain what they're about.

Solving the "No traversable adapter found." Error

04 August 2008

Ever seen that error in Zope or Plone? Here's a general heuristic for fixing it.

It Was Awesome.

14 July 2008

After the 2007 Google Highly Open Participation Contest, I had the opportunity to go to an awards ceremony at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Here's a recap of the awards ceremony weekend.